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EZ Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC is the best choice for commercial air conditioner installation. Our team of specialists is licensed and insured to take the stress out of commercial AC repair and replacement. Call us today!

Texas heat is unbeatable. Your AC unit might need to be serviced if it is constantly getting hotter in your warehouse, office, garage or workshop.

Our team can offer quick repairs, professional installation and ongoing maintenance, no matter what type of AC service you require, to keep your employees comfortable, safe, and cool.

Houston business owners are familiar with who to call when it comes to AC units for commercial use.

We offer timely, accurate estimates for Commercial AC services of superior quality. Also, custom solutions! Contact our team for more information about our commercial AC services and to schedule an estimate on-site.

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If you don’t want to pay cash, EZ Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating LLC makes it easy for you. Thanks to our flexible financing options from Service Finance Company, LLC Okinus Credit Solution, and Wells Fargo. Click the links below to apply or give us a call for more information.

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Commercial Air Conditioner Installation Houston

when is it time to replace your commercial air conditioner?

Your commercial AC unit is vital. It not only keeps your students, employees, and contractors comfortable, but also creates and maintains a safe working environment.

That said, we understand that a commercial AC unit is a significant investment for your business/organization. These are the four main factors to consider when replacing your commercial AC unit:

  1.  Age of your commercial AC unit – A commercial AC unit will typically last 8 to 12 years . It is recommended to replace your AC unit with a more efficient AC unit if it has reached 12 years of age.

  2.  Previous Repairs – EZ Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC is proud to offer expert AC repair services. We are always available for emergency repairs or ongoing maintenance. However, repairs can eventually become more costly than installing a new commercial air conditioner.

  3. Expensive Coolant – The EPA banned the production of R22 Freon coolant, which was used in many older HVAC units. The units are not illegal but you might want to look into a more eco-friendly unit. Because AC repair companies are gradually phasing out R22 Freon, it could be more difficult and expensive to refill the coolant.

  4. Inefficient heating and cooling – As they age, AC units lose efficiency. You may need more than just a tune-up if your AC is constantly on but your warehouse or office does not feel cool.

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Whether your commercial AC unit breaks down in the heat of the summer or your aging air conditioner simply can’t keep up, call the licensed and experienced crew of technicians at EZ Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC.

Commercial HVAC services provide comfort for your customers and employees, as well as energy efficiency that will reduce your monthly costs.

Do not hire inexperienced technicians!

Our team has the expertise and knowledge to correctly repair or replace your unit the first time. An untrained contractor could make it worse and end up costing you more.

Call the professionals to save time, money, hassle, and effort.

Do not delay AC replacement or repair. To learn more about our services or to receive a no-obligation on-site estimate in the, give our AC experts a call now!

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