Before you turn ON your Furnace you probably want to have a licensed contractor come out service and clean your furnace. They will make sure that the furnace is running at peak efficiency which will help reduce the heating cost through out the winter.

A lot of people debate about the ideal temperature during fall and winter. The ideal temperature is about 68 degrees. One thing you will always need to think about, for every degree you lower your thermostat you are going to save on your heating cost by 3 to 5 percent. If your family is hanging out in one area such as if watching TV then instead of wasting energy by heating the whole house, a wise thing to do is just lower the heating by 3 to 4 degrees and use a space heater where everyone is.

Changing your filters on a regular basis will help optimize the efficiency of your furnace and also keep the air cleaner in your home. It will most definitely filter out more allergy causing particles and save money. A good practice is to date your filters, so when in doubt you can always look at when you last changed it. A good time to change filters will probably be once every three months.

Another important reason to frequently change filters on your furnace is that a dirty filter will cause your burners to overheat and cause your heat exchangers to start cracking over time, which will cause the carbon mono-oxide to come into the house. And with lack of airflow, with the filter being so dirty your furnace will going to run longer and you will consume more natural gas cause it is not heating your house up as it was heating before. And also your electricity bill is going to go up because your blower motor, which pushes the air all around, is going to start drawing more amps because it will suck a little harder.

Its very important for you to have your furnace serviced every fall by a qualified service technician Which will not only maintain efficiency but also save you money throughout the year. A periodic service is a good opportunity to catch problems which are in the making before they turn into a major repair.

At we also have a maintenance plan which will get us out on your property at least twice a year. Once in the fall to service the furnace and the humidifier and once int he spring to service your air-conditioner. And also with that we can guarantee service within 24 hours. With the plan you get no holiday fees. No overtime fees. And then you are also going to save 15 to 40 percent off on your repairs, depending on what plan you have.

The good point of having your furnace serviced in the fall or having the maintenance plan where we come out in the fall to service your furnace is that we are not only going to clean your furnace but also thoroughly check for gas leaks to make sure you have no gas leaks in your house. We are going to pull it all apart, clean all the burners, flame sensors, pilot assembly to make sure that they are all good and clean and running as efficiently as they can.

We Service All Brands. We are also going to check for carbon-monoxide and that there is no gas in your heat exchanger. We will also check your water heater to meet the same standards.