If your air-conditioner isn’t cooling properly it can be due to a number of different issues, including a dirty filter, dirty outside condenser unit or blocked supply or return air ducts.

The outside unit of your heating and air-conditioning system is called a condenser. Keeping the condenser clean is just as important as keeping a clean filter in the furnace. The condenser performs the important role of removing heat from the condensed gas and it cannot function properly if it is clogged with cotton wood, grass clippings or weeds.

The first thing to remember is to properly cut weed and grass from around the condenser so they do not build up.

Secondly, it is good practice to routinely rinse the unit to keep it clean and free of debris. Make sure you disconnect power to the unit before you start cleaning it. In order to rinse the unit it is important to not blast the unit too hard or use any hard object to brush the unit. As this may result in bending or damaging outside fins of the unit which will cause the unit to function poorly. Please do not brush the unit or sweep the unit but rather use only a garden hose sprayer.